Ginger Brew

As I’m enjoying my Maine Root Ginger Brew given to me by a new friend that quickly recognized how much I cherish this beverage, I was suddenly re-energize and re-motivated to start this project again. I think my last post was about how I was failing at this. And then I failed again. But it’s time to use my refreshment to do just that- refresh this blog and tasting experience.

So here we go- my post on Ginger Beer. The way most people search for the perfect chocolate cookie recipe, or their favorite beer, I love trying every new Ginger Beer I can find. Originally discovered when I first tasted a Dark & Stormy, I was an immediate Ginger Beer convert. Whether you mix it with vodka (Moscow Mule), black rum (Dark & Stormy) or just drink it on it’s own (Delicious), the bite of ginger blended with the complex spices tops off perfectly with cane sugar sweetness. And before the organic cane juice can completely calm the stinging in your cheeks, you want another sip.
To fully do this beverage justice, this is the area of the post where I should include all of the types I’ve sampled and my feedback. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I”m just not that organized. So instead, I’ll sample photos from the internet and just tell you this- they’re all good.
And then shit like this happens- I stumble across Ginger Beer Rum Coconut Sorbet. Which just means, I’ve discovered another post.

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