I have failed horribly at launching this blog. What started as a very inspired idea to write about all of the wonderful things I was eating in my new hometown has now turned into a serious waist-line situation which is…well…UN-inspiring to say the least. But a trip to Hy-Vee Drugtown this morning changed that.
I was almost done with my random-ass shopping trip to Drugtown when I ran past an end cap that caught my eye/nose. I saw the words Chocolate Mint, then something about Pina Coladas, and I pretty much stopped dead in my tracks. Suddenly looking for a sustainable breakfast was no longer my issue. There are NEW marshmallows!!
Now, I wouldn’t call myself a marshmallow connoisseur or fanatic of any sort (probably a result of shoving 50+ in my mouth at some point in my life and suffering from severe sugar-overload while clenching my marshmallow-y belly) but that doesn’t mean I skip my nightly s’more. Yes, I did just say NIGHTLY S’MORE. And it has now been elevated to a whole new level.
Now, I’ve known about the StackerMallows as I usually don’t let trendy foods get past me regardless of what it is. And I’ve had the fruity ‘mallows that came out years ago which could honestly be the reason why I don’t usually eat them- too many jelly salads topped with deceptively-colored marshmallows that make you think because they are rainbowed, they are delicious. But I still stood there in awe and wavered on which flavor would launch me into this new world: Cinnamon, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Caramel Vanilla, Pina Colada or German Chocolate Cake.
The winner:

My 3pm chocolate-craving is going to be so happy when he meets his new friend.

The best part about this journey? While searching for an image of the mallow bites, I stumbled across a concept I have been dreaming about for a week now. It’s on my To-Do list. And it inevitably has to be my next blog post (see! newly inspired just like that!)
S’more Macarons by The Prolific Oven

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