Drink up this gem: Rapid Creek Cidery

Wilson's has long been known for their apple orchard, for a few years known for their cider, and should now be known for their gem tucked into the apple trees- the Rapid Creek Cidery. I headed out for brunch on a rainy Sunday morning to meet my sister, also someone who seeks out a good... Continue Reading →


Caucho: a place to #feedyourbelly in CR

Caucho, an deliciously authentic destination to #feedyourbelly in Cedar Rapids

Dash Coffee Roasters

The opening of a new coffee shop is a brilliant, blinking beacon on my radar. This one was so bright that I fully engulfed it, and sit here several months later realizing that I never even mentioned it. So shame on me, but hopefully my nearly daily visits soften the blow. Enter Dash Coffee Roasters.... Continue Reading →

S’mores Season is Upon Us!

I catch a lot of flack for my love of s'mores. I come by it honestly, my parents love s'mores so much the summer is a nightly opportunity for a bonfire and s'mores buffet. I recognize these treats are nothing new, and they are certainly not fancy. But the good part about them is that... Continue Reading →

Fong’s Now Open in Cedar Rapids

Friday I had the opportunity to taste a sneak peak of the newest restaurant hitting Cedar Rapids, and the New Bohemia neighborhood. I tried to accurately explain to my tablemates how excited I get when I'm invited to soft openings of restaurants but I think it came out as "It feels like Christmas". Needless to... Continue Reading →

Philly adventures: Day Two

After a first successful night in Philadelphia, we cobbled together an even better day on the second day. And heads up, it just gets better each day until we leave. It's not a trip to Philly without a philly cheesesteak, right? And instead of relying on a tourist magazine, or heavily researched food blog, we... Continue Reading →

Philly adventures: Day One

I had the opportunity to head to Philly last week, and fell into successful food adventures every step of the way. Now that my hangover has worn off, and believe me it took a few days, I can resurface with a clear memory of amazing meals. Our first night, we headed to The Dandelion. Stumbling... Continue Reading →

Eff off, Kale.

I'm going to just say it: I hate kale. I could go as far as saying "I effing hate kale" but I limit my exposure and therefore, anger towards it. I know it's good for you, so I've tried it in many different ways. Baked, in soup, in salad, in smoothies- it all sucks. And... Continue Reading →

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